Who I work with: 

#girlbosses AND young time poor professionals (20s and 30s)

Women who are committed to IMPROVING their own health

Women who need to be jumping out of bed WITH ENERGY every morning

Women who THRIVE off accountability

Women who are COMMITTED to sustainable change

Women who understand this is NOT a quick fix

Women who are committed to attending every appointment

Women who want are interested in moving towards a plant-based diet

Women that are either TRANSITIONING to a vegetarian or vegan eating pattern OR already ENJOYING a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle


Who I do not work with

 Men (sorry guys)

Women who are NOT ready to change

Women who are happy with their energy levels

Women who DISLIKE accountability

Women who are NOT committed to sustainable change

Women who want a quick fix

Women who have too much going on and CANNOT commit to their health


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