Mindful Eating – Join Our Healthy Cooking Classes on The Gold Coast

Healthy gut, healthy body. Knowing how to maximise your food for a truly nutrient rich diet can be difficult. Especially when juggling many of life’s responsibilities, cooking – and let alone cooking healthily – can often take a backbench.

Be Well Fed is passionate about helping those on The Gold Coast eat healthier through fun, delicious, and educational cooking classes focusing on a range of needs such as kids’ nutrition, vegetarian or vegan diets, FODMAP, and more. Our team of experienced and highly trained dietitians help people like you with tailored solutions to improving your diet. Book in a class today, or a health and wellness coaching consultation for the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing your part for your health.

The value of learning more about healthy cooking

Online or in-person, our mindful eating classes offer an opportunity for you to learn and put into place the skills required to be a more mindful eater. Note mindful eating is not the same thing as going on a diet. Instead, it is one strategy or tool of sorts you can use to check in with your body and get back in touch with your hunger, fullness levels, and generally be more satisfied with food. Learn to appreciate the food choices you make, without judgement.

Join a Cooking Class

Getting the kitchen & learning how to use ingredients in a different way that suits you & your health concerns is the best way to make small changes into long lasting habits. 

Eat what you want, when you want

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to be a more mindful eater. No foods are off limits, instead mindful eating involves learning about hunger fullness cues, environmental & internal triggers to eat.

All classes are for mindful eating beginners only. Each class covers the basic concept of mindful eating and a new topic of relevance.

Reach out to learn more about our cooking classes today

Located across multiple locations across the Gold Coast. Online classes coming soon. PM us to register your interest. Want to learn more about Be Well Fed’s cooking classes or our health and wellness coaching? Whether you’d like to enquire about availabilities or prices of our cooking classes, or perhaps learn more about vegetarian, FODMAP or another specific diet, our dietitians are here to help.