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  3. Get EXCITED to cook you way to better health.

*Note that you may find each category interesting and although great, we can’t change everything at once! Have a think about your priorities and choose according. There is always an option to discuss this in your initial dietitian consultation where we can adapt each cooking consultation to your nutrition goals.

Step 1: CHOOSE which cooking consultation suits you.

Plant based Cooking Consultation

Plant based isn’t just a new trend, it can in fact be better for our overall health, the health of the environment & reduces animal suffering. Whatever your reasons are we are here to help make the transition easier & nutritionally adequate (i.e. we can make sure you’re getting enough iron, B12, zinc, vitamin A, D, E, and K and omega 3) of course.

Is a plant based cooking consultation for me?

Do you want to start eating more environmentally friendly? Have you been thinking about transitioning to a plant based diet for a while now but not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re already plant based but not feeling great. You’re tired, unmotivated, feeling fatigued and wondering if plant based is really for you.

Who it is not for:

Building Confidence in the Kitchen

Individuals living alone looking for easy meals and understanding what balance looks like how to use herbs and spices and cook with flavour rather than salt. How to use knife skills.

Do you lack confidence in the kitchen? Are you time poor?

Cooking for family health

Do you have young children? Want to set them up. Don’t want to cook 4 different meals.

PCOS/FODMAPS Cooking Consultation

Newly diagnosed with PCOS

Coming soon!

Step 2: BOOK your initial consultation

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VIP in-house dietitian and cook - additional service

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