Have you been thinking about going plant based?

Have you started to make the transition but not really sure what you’re doing?

Are you struggling to find credible information online?

Well do I have a package for you!


Are you ready to have more energy, reduced inflammation, improved gut health, and at the same time, be doing your bit for the animals & the environment too! I help busy women transition to a plant-based diet saving you time, money & effort. In a step-by-step approach, I make practical swaps from common foods you already have at home, tailor nutrition resources to your lifestyle to make sure you get enough protein, iron, B12, iodine and zinc. In the long run, you’ll have more energy, reduced inflammation, improved gut health, and be doing your bit for the animals & the environment too.


Here is what’s involved:

  • 90 days to change a habit so 90 days full of support, personalised nutrition advice, tailored plant based swaps so you don’t even have to think.

  • Six nutrition consultations either in-person or online (or a combination of both) with an Accredited Practising Dietitian

  • Personalised recipes & meal plans tailored to your food preferences, allergies and intolerances

  • Fridge, freezer & pantry audit.

  • Label reading to identify animal foods and products (optional)

  • Email support and nutrition coaching (via email) during work hours

  • Plant-based cooking class or supermarket tour (optional)

  • A detailed nutrition report summarising your current nutrition & health status (1st consultation and last consultation)

The benefits of consulting a plant based dietitian:

  • Access to credible nutrition advice from a University trained health professional.

  • All meal plans and plant based swaps can be tailored to any food allergies or intolerances.

  • Have piece of mind that any relevant medical history such as PCOS, insulin resistance, diabetes, Hashimoto’s or pregnancy will be accounted for.

  • Experience less bloating as a result of the step-by-step framework.

  • Gain more with an understanding of how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you need.

  • Avoid the risk of a nutrient deficiency by getting enough iron, B12, iodine, and zinc – which means more energy to reach your goals!

  • No weird and wonderful superfoods instead we just use what you can find in your fridge or at your local supermarket.  

  • Save time by understanding how create weekday meals in less than 20 minute

Online & in-person nutritional consultations are for busy ladies opting for a plant-based diet who want to gain more energy by enjoying quick and easy tasty meals.

 Who I work with? 

#girlbosses AND young time poor professionals (20s and 30s)

Women who are committed to improving their own health

Women who need to be jumping out of bed with energy every morning

Women who thrive off accountability

Women who are committed to sustainable change

Women who understand this is not a quick fix

Women who are committed to attending every session

Women who want are interested in moving towards a plant-based diet including a vegetarian or vegan diet

Women that are transitioning or are already vegan or vegetarian


Who I do NOT work with? 

Men (sorry guys)

Women who are NOT ready to change

Women who are happy with their energy levels

Women who DISLIKE accountability

Women who are NOT committed to sustainable change

Women who want a quick fix

Women who have too much going on and can’t commit to their health


What’s involved?

Using a step-by-step framework each consultation builds upon the first to build knowledge and confidence in plant-based eating.


Before the initial consultation: Complete a pre-consultation questionnaire & food diary in your own time to ensure the time together in our first consultation is efficient & prioritised.


Initial consultation: We will discuss your current dietary patterns, your individual nutrient requirements, current barriers & set out SMART goals to help you reach the plant-based lifestyle you want to achieve This way you will gain you more energy and time to achieve your life, business, career and money goals.  Receive a nutrition report including interpretation of recent blood tests, overall health status & dietary analysis.

Follow-up consultations: Fortnightly follow-up consultations will cover a range of personalised topics to build confidence in plant-based eating. You will learn where to find B12, iron & protein on a plant-based diet, build a balanced plate-based plate, reduce bloating and flatulence, and how not to rely on packaged and processed foods.


Final consultation: Continue to develop your plant-based journey by reviewing your initial SMART goal, planning for the future, addressing challenges. Receive a final nutrition report including interpretation of recent blood tests, overall health status & dietary analysis.

What’s the cost?

Start or revamp your plant-based journey with one payment $570 or 3 payments of $190

Please understand my time is precious as is yours. I only work with women ready to commit to their own health.


a FREE 15minute call to discover if a 3 month package is right for you.

Please note I do not see clients with a diagnosed eating disorder including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and EDNOS due to this area of expertise requiring further dietetics study. I am more than happy to provide recommendations.

In-person consultations take place inside Clean Beauty Market in Mermaid Beach or inside In Mind 4 Health in Southport.